The Black Talons Pack

The Black Talons is a fun pack of wolves, and they are seeking active fun members
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 All of the Rules

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All of the Rules Empty
PostSubject: All of the Rules   All of the Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 7:53 pm

Pack Rules

1. No roleplaying on this forum I don’t want this topic to be locked

2. You must join the pack roleplaying site as this is where the pack will spend most of its time and is where the meetings are held

3. No double posting

4. In this pack you are allowed to have powers but no instant killing

5. You are allowed to have a mate and pups in this pack but you must have the permission of the alphas and your mate and pups must be in this pack
6. Be active

7. Alphas have the last say

8. You may be in other packs as long as you are active here

9. No spamming

10. If you are going away on vacation or something pm one of the alphas or tell someone that you can trust to let the alphas no

11. Have Fun !!!!!!( Major Rule )

Forum Rules

1. No Posting Pornographic

2. You Can Post In All CAPS But Not All The Time

3. No Cursing

4. Any Problems With Members? Contact Any Mod or Admin

5. No Prejudice Comments Are Allowed

6. Respect All Members

7. No Spamming

8. Have Fun

9. You Are Allowed To Fight For Higher Ranks , Over A Girl/Guy Whatever Just Have A Reason ( A Good One)

10. If You Are Going To Fight Someone And You Have Powers And They Don't Then You Are Not Allowed To Use Your Powers ( Lets Have A Fair Fight )

11. No One Hit Kills

12.Traitors / Spies will be either captured and questioned or killed
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All of the Rules
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