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The Black Talons is a fun pack of wolves, and they are seeking active fun members
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 How to get Leader in your rank

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How to get Leader in your rank Empty
PostSubject: How to get Leader in your rank   How to get Leader in your rank I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 11:10 pm

To Become a Beta: Must always be active. Both Alphas must have full trust in you and you need to have the respect of all if not most of your pack members. You must also be fair and kind and would be willing to die for this pack

To Become a Delta: Must Always be active. Both Alphas must have full trust in you and you can't be scared to tell on wolves that bully others and does not do what they are suppose to

To Become a Lead Warrior: Must have a good mind for planning strategies and battle plans. You must also be an extremely good rp fighter.

To Become a Lead Scout: Must have a great sense of direction and of smell. You must also have a great amount of stamina to travel across long distances and difficult terrain

To Become a Lead Hunter or Huntress: Must have great speed and stamina to catch and keep up with the prey , also must have a good sense of smell

To Become a Lead Healer: Must have a great knowledge about different herbs and berries.

To Become a Lead Teacher: Must have a great deal of patients and different styles and ways to teach
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How to get Leader in your rank
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