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The Black Talons is a fun pack of wolves, and they are seeking active fun members
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 Gizmo the wolf's bio

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PostSubject: Gizmo the wolf's bio   Gizmo the wolf's bio I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2010 9:47 pm

Username: Blackdragon101
Wolf Name: Gizmo
Wolf Age: 5 human years
Wolf Gender: Male
Powers: Nightmare Demon a type of wolf that can fly with the wings of a dragon and turn into a dragon or wyvern.
Nightmare demon Powers:

Infect: Turn other wolves into there own.
Powder Wings: Amit Posion, Sleep and Suacidal dust from there wings. (last dust as last resort).
Fire: In dragon they can breath fire up to over 80,000 degrease
Wind Wing: Summon Tornaidoes and Hurricains
Dark Flame: Summoning of Imps and Shadow Pheonixes.
Last Resort: Regererating themselves.
Dream Eater: The Entering of a dream and replacing it with a nightmare.
Illusion Caster: The power to create Illusions.
Shadow Sneaker: The ability to move inside the shadows.
Mind Whipe: The ability to earase the memmories of other wolves.
Mind Minipulation: The ability to control the aposing wolf's mind..
Fear Wave: A cold bone chilling wave that tricks the mind into seeing everything as nightmare.
Death Hand: The ability to litteraly rip the heart out of another creature. (last resort)
Dragon ability-Sturdy: The ability to withstand hard blow attacks.
Soul Release: To force a person's sould to exit there body.
Confision Chaff(two against one battle): The ability to trick to apposing foes to attack eachother.
Energy Drain: To suck the life out of another being.

Fur Color: Gizmo has a redish brown colour for his main fur with a little grey. He has a almost cream underbelly.
Eye Color: Grassy Green
Personality: Gizmo is a generaly kind wolf, He is smart but does not show it often and usually shows innocence in his nature. He can get annoyed by others but doesn't that often.
History: Gizmo was born to wolf pack that was soon chased and or killed off by hunters. Later on in his youth he was taken in by a coyote pack and nursed until an age where he started showing wolf like features. The coyotes got scared off by him. He now wonders the plains looking for a pack that would soot him.

Gizmo the wolf's bio Coyote1

Gizmo the wolf's bio 42371610

Gizmo the wolf's bio Gizmo_10

Gizmo the wolf's bio 5-42

Dragon form:

Gizmo the wolf's bio Wyvern
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Gizmo the wolf's bio
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